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Disaster Recovery


Every business and organization can experience a serious incident that can prevent it from continuing normal operations. This can range from a flood or fire to a serious computer malfunction." 
Disaster Recovery (DR) is like an insurance policy, something you hope you never have to use, but as you rely on computers for the successful day to day running of your business, instantly switching back to a paper system is no longer an option.
It has been our experience that most companies do not understand the concept of  a Disaster Recovery Strategy.
Their answer to met their DR requirements is relying on a trusted member of staff to take their backups off site, an excellent start, just locking your backups in a fireproof safe in your premises is not a DR solution.
But we have discovered (normally after a major computer failure) that the majority of these backups have never been tested to see if they contain all the information required for a bare metal rebuild, and even worse, they have never been checked to see if they are restorable.
The major downfall with relying on backups being taken off site is that often they do not leave site, and if they do make it off site they stay in a car over night instead of inside a fire proof safe.
"Disaster's only happen to other companies, we have survived for years without needing a DR strategy"
The truth of this statement depends on how reliant your business has truly become on your computer system, try turning off all of your computers and then time how long it takes before your business ceases to function efficiently, your clients will be very understanding for a while, they will make allowances for your predicament, but as time marches on they will slip away to another company who can service their requirements. 
"Shocking examples of how businesses crashed after major data lose"
Of course, we can quote you true case studies of businesses that have gone after never recovering from the lose of their accounting system, tales of hardship and woe but we would prefer to discuss your DR strategy and how we can help you fulfil that strategy.
We do not have a set of standard DR solutions, they range from a simple backup and rebuild solution to a complete remotely mirrored system for near instant failover, our solutions are tailored to met your specific DR requirements and budget.

We are realistic, we do know that for some companies taking backups off-site is all the DR they require, but are they taking a backup of the right data, and do they have an annual audit complete with a DR trial server build?
We can help you prove your DR strategy, identify the weak areas and strengthen them if required.
"Selection of  DR solutions we offer"
Remote System Backup and Restore.
Software remote data mirroring.

Total recovery - Remote server mirroring


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